Line Cleaning Services

We utilize combination jet/vacuum machines and jet machines with high velocity nozzles. Our Vactor 2000 Combo Unit is capable of removing dirt, grease, rocks, sand, and other materials and obstructions from the sewer lines and manholes. These machines are designed for cleaning sanitary and storm sewer, conduits, culverts and drain pipes of varying diameters.



  • Ability to clean up to 500 feet of sewer line at a time
  • Clean and vacuum debris at the same time.
  • Clear obstructions with minimal intrusion.
  • Minimize downtime due to clogs.


  • Sanitary and storm sewer cleaning
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Lift station and wet well cleaning
  • Waste water treatment plant cleaning and vacuuming services


  • Vactor 2000 Combination Jetter / Vacuum unit
  • Obrien Manufacturing trailer mounted Jetting unit
  • NLB 10,000 Psi pump and lancing equipment