Video Camera Inspection

Our Video Inspection Unit is equipped with the highest quality sewer inspection video equipment on the market today. Our equipment and expertise provide you with a real-time visual inspection of pipe ranging in diameter from 4” to 48”. The IBAK Video Inspection System Remote Tractor Camera is pressurized and intrinsically safe designed for ruggedness and all-terrain.

Real-time video is used to identify pipe damage and obstructions, as well as verification of cleanliness after a Water Jetting operation.



  • Accurate location of broken pipe, leaks, un-authorized taps, roots, improper grade, internal corrosion, offset
  • Verification of cleanliness after water jetting activities
  • Digital format for accurate mapping and detail narration
  • Pin-point location of defects, minimizing overall costs
  • Intrinsically Safe operation
Video Camera Control Station


  • Municipal sanitary sewer and storm sewer underground piping systems
  • Industrial sump and sewer inspection
  • Water jetting cleanliness verification


  • IBAK Rapidview Pipe Inspection and Rehabilitation unit
  • Self-contained enclosed trailer for portability
  • Gator Locator with 512Hz Navitrak Sonde