GapVax HV-56 Hydro Excavators
GapVax HP-56 Hydro Excavator

We are proud to announce our
GapVax HV-56 Hydro Excavators:

One of our brand new GapVax HV-56 Hydro Excavators is one of the most advanced vacuum trucks on the market. The remote control system eliminates most of the manual work and means a safer work process. From potholing to trenching this truck makes hydro-excavating look easy.

Hydro-excavation is the process by which pressurized water and vacuum equipment are used to excavate soil or other fill materials. The pressurized water cuts and breaks up the soil and the vacuum equipment removes the slurry from the excavated area.

GapVax HV-56 Hydro Excavator

There are many advantages to hydro-excavating instead of using traditional mechanical methods. It is a much more accurate way to excavate and provides better control when excavating. A wand or specialized excavation attachment is used to direct the flow of water, which controls the work in that area.

The surrounding soil is relatively undisturbed and stays compact. There is also less of a chance to damage underground structures using pressurized water to excavate. This is particularly true when excavating in areas where it is unknown what is buried, or around utilities and underground pipes and lines. Our hydro-excavation equipment allows for the solids removal to be done from ground level and there is no need for personnel to get into the excavated area, which is another reason hydro-excavating is a safer manner to excavate than mechanical means.

Overall hydro-excavation is becoming the preferred method to excavate in areas around known and unknown buried lines and equipment. The safety benefits associated with hydro-excavating as opposed to a mechanical device and the accuracy by which you can excavate, are why hydro-excavating has become a preferred way to dig.

Advantages of Hydro-Excavating:

  • Efficient and accurate excavation
  • Safer and less chance of damage
  • No confined space entry
  • Environmentally friendly
Hydro-excavation service
Hydro Excavating around underground piping

Services Performed:

  • Potholing
  • Trenching
  • Line identification
  • Shoring installation
  • Pier installation